Final Sequence - Cataclysm

Monday, 4 April 2011

Equipment Release Form

Final Storyboard

Shooting Schedule


This shooting schedule was used to ensure an efficient/organized production process. It works well with the clapperboard as they are both 'organizers' and we use the shooting schedule to place our shots onto the clapperboard.

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Storyboard - Done
Shoot Schedule - Done

Equipment Release Form - Done

Audience Feedback Video
Final Video - Done

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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Shot Report (Post 12/3/11 shoot)

  • Establishing Street Pans - 3rd Take is best, slow and smooth
  • Forensic Introductory Shot - 7th Take is best (after continuity errors were spotted)
  • Matt's off ground shot - Possibly use at end of sequence
  • CU Alex talking - Good (eventually), last take is best
  • CU Loui talking - Take 6 best (final take)
  • Cuts on body - Stills better than pan
  • Matt POV with gun - Possible
  • POV of bodies - 3rd Take is best
  • Final POV beast - 3rd, 5th and final take all ok
  • Master shot of Soldier entering - Take 4 is best